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Construction plan


Jackson Prime Construction is always looking for talent to add to our team. We pride ourselves in providing jobs for the areas we service and prioritize local employment. Click the link below if you are interested in applying to be a part of our team.

Jackson Prime Construction Job Positions


Laborers are extra hands in the field. As an entry level position, this is a great position for those young and old who love to work hard and want to get a start in the construction industry. We train our workers in various techniques that will help them grow and advance to the next level.


Operators are certified and experienced in operating various types of equipment. Jackson Prime Construction has excavators, skid steers, roller, tractor, Dozer, and rents other types of equipment to complete jobs. Along with knowing how to operate the equipment, operators are responsible for understanding the safety protocol associated with operating the equipment.


Foremans are team leads that help guide the production of the project. The main responsibility of the foreman is to be hands on with the operators and laborers to ensure they know what their duties are and that they are following the safety protocol in place. The foreman also works with the project manager or superintendent to understand the goals and plan for the project.


Superintendents are an integral team member and important because they are responsible for the overall project. They come up with the plan of action and articulate that plan to the team. Superintendents are the point of contact in conflict resolution or when changes need to be made to the plan. They also can manage multiple projects at one time. 

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